G.I. Joe Repairs - How do I fix that? (Page 2)

How do I fix a...

Loose Joint?

There are several ways to tighten up loose joints, but these are my favorites.

For a loose waist or loose upper leg joints, replace the O-ring.

For a loose knee, neck or a rotating shoulder joint, I use a polyurethane varnish - commonly called "clear coat". You can find a bottle for a few bucks at any local craft store near the acrylic paint. (Sometimes, inserting a new, thicker O-ring will tighten up a loose neck or shoulder.)

Instructions for using Clear Coat:

1) Take the figure apart.
2) Apply a thin coat to the inside of the loose joint - or to the area where the two plastic pieces will rub against each other.
3) Allow to dry for 30 minutes.
4) Reconstruct the figure and test.
5) Apply additional coats if necessary.

One coat usually does the trick. The varnish dries in less than 30 minutes to a rubbery clear finish that gives a nice feel to the joint.

Careful, this is dangerous. For loose elbow joints and loose "up and down" shoulder joints, place a very small amount of clear coat on the joint and work it in, moving continously until the paint dries. I warned you.

Broken Off Peg Stuck in a Foot Hole?

There is no need to panic if the peg from a figure stand breaks off and gets stuck in your Joe's foot. This one will again require your power drill. Using a small bit, drill into the broken off peg inside your figure's foot. Be very careful. After the drill bit is in far enough, simply pull the drill away from the figure. The broken piece of plastic should come out with the bit. It is important not to drill too far are not far enough. Stick the drill bit into another figure's peg hole first to judge the depth of the hole.

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