Latest GI Joe News

Sometimes there are events and circumstances that cause a large number of GI Joe prices to go up or down quickly. There are times when these prices will go up or down only temporarily for one reason or another. Instead of trying to change dozens of prices back and forth every time the economy fluctuates or new toys are released, this news section should help explain sudden shifts in values.


The 25th Anniversary Effect

The release of 25th Anniversary GI Joe figures did not immediately have an effect on vintage prices. However, as the line has progressed and remained widely popular among Joe collectors, I have noticed two significant changes.

The first change is that many long-time favorite army builder figures, or figures that collectors like to purchase in quantity, have eventually come down in price. Two examples are 1985 Cobra Eels and 1985 Snow Serpents. This has occurred as many collectors funnel their money into purchasing 25th style figures as a whole or into buying multiples of 25th figures in the quest for a Cobra army.

The second significant adjustment I have seen as of late is that vintage vehicle prices go down considerably in value as their 25th remakes are released. The latest releases of vehicles are very similar to the originals. To certain individuals, this makes them worthy substitutions or even replacements. This enabled me to acquire an A.W.E. Striker for under $2 plus shipping. I've also been looking to buy a Conquest X-30 and a Cobra Rattler as prices have dropped for the same reason.