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Do your homework. Before you bid on or buy a GI Joe figure or vehicle, make sure the description is accurate. Find out if the weapons and accessories are original and complete. Ask the seller questions if all the details are not provided. Ask the seller if joints are tight, if screws are rusty or if elbows are cracked. You will be much happier when your items arrive and you get what you were expecting.


GI Joe Buying Tips (Page 3)

10. An auction with few details, poor pictures, or one posted by a seller with very few feedback is a risk. I have purchased cheap figures this way and have been thrilled when a beautiful mint Cobra B.A.T. or Crimson Guard has arrived in the mail. I have also been disappointed by a loose jointed Duke with rusty screws and a Flash with poor paint and accessory pack weapons. Minimize the risk by asking the seller questions.

11. There may be no better place to find GI Joe figures and vehicles cheaper than at yard sales, garage sales and flea markets. This could also be a source of extra G.I. Joe items for future sale on Ebay to fund that Starduster or other rare figure purchase. Another good idea for tapping your local market is to place a classified ad in a local newspaper that offers to buy vintage GI Joe toys.

12. As mentioned on the opening page of the Price Guide, GI Joe filecards do have value and are collectable. Older filecards have excellent artwork and the talented writing of Larry Hama. Most collectors do not consider them necessary to complete a figure. However, a filecard alone will have value depending on its character and rarity, and will slightly increase an auction's final sale price. Full or uncut filecard backs can increase the value of an auction by as much as $4 to $10. A partially attached or completely detached plastic bubble is also desirable because of the display potential.

13. "Army building" is popular with GI Joe collectors and simply consists of acquiring a large number of one figure to build an army with. This increases the value of "generic" Cobra figures. Vipers, B.A.T.S. and Eels for example, are more collectable because of army building. Even incomplete and damaged specimens retain unique value.

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