G.I. Joe 3 and 3/4 inch Buying Tips for Collectors

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Want more certainty about the value of your GI Joe collection? Brian's Toys will buy 3 and 3/4 inch G.I. Joe figures. Keep in mind that they are planning on selling the purchased figures for a profit; so add as much as 100% to the values given. Another great tool for determining value is found on Ebay. After searching for an item, there is an option on the left side of the screen under "Search Options" entitled "Completed listings". You can also find this option by clicking on "Buy" at the top of Ebay's website, then click on "Advanced Search", and finally check the box called "Completed listings only". Selecting this option while searching will display recently ended auctions, along with the final sale prices.


GI Joe Buying Tips (Page 2)

6. Most GI Joe collectors are focused on mint and complete figures. Incomplete or damaged figures can provide great value and often sell cheap. One example scenario would be to purchase a nice Cobra Soldier with a broken thumb and later complete the figure when a spare matching arm is acquired. It may also be possible to upgrade your current collection by swapping parts with damaged figures. A needed weapon or accessory is potentially waiting with a damaged specimen as well. Finally, don't forget that figures with broken parts often contain valuable spare metal crotch pieces and priceless replacement screws.

7. Auctions containing "lots" of multiple figures are a great way to buy a large number of GI Joe and Cobra figures at low prices. Generally speaking, the more figures in the lot, the cheaper price per figure the lot will be. Bidders are scared away from these lots because of the higher prices or because they only want a few of the figures up for auction. Ten figures that would have cost $10 a piece separately, will sell for $60 together. A lot of 100 figures that would have sold for at least $800 separately, may sell for $300. It takes a lot of work and time to auction off 100 toys in 100 auctions, so large lots will always be available. If you are up for the task, buying and reselling these lots can be a source of income to further your GI Joe hobby.

8. There are certain times that are likely to produce lower final auction prices for GI Joe items on Ebay. Obviously, auctions ending late at night or early in the morning will have fewer bidders. Consider Friday night, Sunday during the big football game, Monday Night Football, or early afternoon. You get the picture. A good deal possibly awaits.

9. Bid a small amount early. Have you ever been watching an auction and forgot to bid, only to find out the final price was painfully low? Bidding early on that Night Force Tunnel Rat that you've got your heart set on will also help to remind you of when the auction is ending.

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